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This package includes:


- 9 Activities (8 hours), morning till Sundown (9-17).

- 4x Super Food Meals (Breakfast, Shakes, Lunch and Late Snack or Fruit).


Price Does NOT include transportation due to variation of routes, nevertheless we will help you find one.

Package with 9 Activities


1 Person: $ 500

2 Person: $ 600

3 Person $ 800

4 Person $ 1000

5 person $ 1200

We offer Tents and Rooms for overnight stay.

Google Maps: Click Here

Waze: Click Here.

Leave with an intense energized feeling from all of our activities.

We have carefully selected natural ways to reconnect with the cosmos inside and outside of you

in the pure tropical forest of Costa Rica.

Learn more about Holistic Tourism, and how you can help communities with your stay.

Quick Activation Package



Kick Start your health in 1 day.

1. Learn about: Qi Gong, Breathing Meditation and Yoga.


2. Learn to cook using lots of energetic Superfoods. In addition learn how to make healthy food choices that are right for your body type, lifestyle and goals with one-on-one nutritional coaching sessions.

3. Animal Therapy

Guanacaste Tree

Orange Tree

Turmeric Root

4. Meet our Trees:

Guanacaste Tree

Mango Tree

Lemon Tree

Orange Tree


and much more plants inside our lush tropical forests for a truly energizing experience!

6. Body Transformation Juice Cleanse: A guided program that includes Chlorophyll Juices to help detoxify your body.


One of our Terraces

7. Journaling sessions to reconnect with yourself and your thoughts.

8. Group discussions about mindfulness and self-care practices.


9. Sunset and Star gazing in the evening




(Add on of $90) Spine Evaluation and Healing Massage Spa treatment.

Digital Detox Challenge: No phones, Laptops or other digital devices allowed during the activity!


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