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Back to nature

Onsite and online Retreats

Rejuvenate and Energize
your Body & Mind
for Abundance in your life

Our Online Retreats

Right now there are lots of problems around the world and around our immediate environment. Monkeypox, Covid, Travel Restrictions, Toxic Food with Glyphosate, which is dangerous for our brains, are just some examples.

In this online retreat you will directly learn; how to implement

powerful principles in your life, which we actively use on

ourselves to get rid of crises and get abundance in our lives.

In 4 Weeks you will learn all about:

1. How to achieve full health potential for cleansing and recreation.

2. How to develop powerful relationships.

3. Financial Abundance through passive income streams.

4. Personal further development and spirituality.

5. How to manifest your own self sourcing paradise and

     how you create the energy for your manifestations.

A)  Transformation Group Challenge

  • One month online group transformation challenge

  • Daily group support in the first week

  • Weekly group sessions

  • Group support

  • Initial individual strategy. 

C) Transformation Group Challenge with

Individual Support 

  • One month online Individual transformation challenge

  • Four individual Sessions

  • Group support

  • Direct support.

detox retreat.jpg

B)  Transformation Group Challenge with

Individual Support 

  • One month online Individual transformation challenge

  • Four individual Sessions

  • Group support

  • Direct support.

D) Premium Transformation Group Challenge

with Individual Support 

  • One month online Individual Life Transformation

  • Eight individual sessions

  • Group support

  • *For special issues such as: addictions, chronic diseases, 

         burnout etc; you will receive personal integration coaching.

Holistic coach: Thomas Reinholz
"If millions of people joined in together, we would get rid of all existing unnatural crises and could live in a healthy peaceful world."

Our Onsite Retreats

  • Online Onboarding to find the best fitting transformation for you

  • Detox catering or online advice including delicious meals,

        fermented vegetables, salads, juices, teas and smoothies

  • Nature walks and exercises for increased flexibility and energy

  • Full online and direct support throughout the detox

  • Health and nutrition coaching

  • Emotional detox and heart connection

  • Sound healing, breathwork, Qi Gong and meditation integration work


Detox Retreat Transformation in Costa Rica,
one of only 5 natural paradises of longevity or

"Blue Zones" of the world. 


  • Better relations with you, your body,

        your spirit and your environment,

  • which are your created world

  • Increased energy flow, mental awareness,

        self healing processes and focus

  • Glowing healthy skin

  • Improved immune system

  • Relaxation of your body and mind

  • Promotes blood sugar control by

        reducing insulin resistance

  • Decreases inflammation

  • May improve heart health by improving

        blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol

  • May improve brain function and prevent

        neurodegenerative disorders

  • Increases growth hormone which is vital for, beauty, healing,

       weight loss, good metabolism, improved fitness and

       muscle strength

  • May delay aging and extend longevity also called rejuvenation

  • May aid in cancer prevention and effectiveness

        of chemotherapy

  • Healthy body experiences with a clean body and mind

  • Letting go old addictions, pains and blockages naturally

  • Learn to think and act sustainable for your personal growth

 Book now a free strategy call, to find out which program is the right for you.

Guidance is provided all week by certified intuitive holistic health coaches Cornelia & Thomas Reinholz

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